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Djivan Gasparian, Sergei Karapetian, Mkrtich Malkhasian

ARC Music, 2001

czasowo niedostępne

  1. Djivan Gasparian: My Home (Ashot Goosan) - 5:52
  2. Djivan Gasparian: I don't Give a Sigh in my Life (Saint-Nova) - 5:56
  3. Djivan Gasparian: Brother Hunter (Armenian) - 4:01
  4. Djivan Gasparian: You are a Ploughman (Armenian) - 3:21
  5. Djivan Gasparian: Call of a Herdsman (Armenian) - 6:49
  6. Mkrtich Malkhasian: I Have a Word with a Prayer (Saint-Nova) - 3:44
  7. Mkrtich Malkhasian: That Spring (Ashot Goosan) - 4:02
  8. Mkrtich Malkhasian: I am Outcast by You (Sheram Goosan) - 4:27
  9. Mkrtich Malkhasian: Every Morning (Sheram Goosan) - 3:26
  10. Sergei Karapetian: Splendid Spring (Dan Kazarian) - 3:04
  11. Sergei Karapetian: Garden (Shirin Goosan) - 3:56
  12. Sergei Karapetian: Don't Ask Me (Anton Mailian) - 2:49
  13. Sergei Karapetian: Waiting (Nersesian Khachatur) - 3:15
  14. Sergei Karapetian: Evening Hour (Vache Ovsepian) - 4:08

   The duduk is an 'oboe', made of apricot wood, peculiar to Armenia. It is presented by Djivan Gasparian, one of the great masters of this beautiful instrument (who played it in such films as "The last Temptation of Christ" and "Gladiator") and the duduk virtuosi Sergei Karapetian and Mkrtich Malkhasian. The music of the duduk has a haunting, dreamy quality, on some pieces accompanied by a dool (drum).