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De Kulture Music 2011

CD - 55 zł Dodaj do koszyka

  1. Mirza - A Love Story   02:52
  2. Ajnajami   07:56
  3. Gam Hai Ya Khushi   08:26
  4. Ja Ve Ja Jutheyan   04:22
  5. Vaar   05:28
  6. Lakh Lakh Vadai   13:10
  7. Shiv Parivar Ki Aradhna   1:40
  8. Puran Bhagat Ki Kahani   12:56
  9. Na Khandya Noo Jarde   4:06

Unheard Punjab’ is a compilation of rare and authentic songs from across Punjab, India. Ranging from genres such as an ancient tradition of dhadhi, jangam, kavishri to relatively more recent ones like sufi kalams, folk songs etc.,this album presents both the most unusual and traditional music. Legendry love stories, devotional, narration and celebration songs forms a repertory of this album. It also includes recordings of string instruments such as tumba and sarangi; woodwind Instrument like algoza and harmonium and percussive instruments such as dhadh, dafli, khanjari, tabla and dholak.