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De Kulture Music 2011

CD - 55 zł Dodaj do koszyka

  1. Sassi Punno   06:38
  2. Heer Di Kali   05:42
  3. Mirza   02:48
  4. Dulla Bhatti 05:10
  5. Heer   05:14
  6. Baba Bulleh Shah   05:42

   'Beyond' presents the centuries old compositions based on tragic love stories of Punjab, India. Sharif Idu, a Sufi Dhadhi artist along with his accompanist Dhadh players and backing vocalists are featured in this album. He is one of the rarest musicians of the Dhadhi tradition who incorporates Sufi philosophies and music in his performance. His open throated voice with an accompaniment of a hundred year old sarangi(normally detuned) infuses such depth of emotion that sometimes the lyrics become less important in the performance. These traditional compositions are accentuated with abrupt yet extremely controlled breaks in melodic structure that compounds with the accidental notes played on sarangi.