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De Kulture Music 2011

CD - 55 zł   Dodaj do koszyka

  1. Giddhe Ki Taal   03:07
  2. Grooves of Dhol   03:52
  3. Jangam Rhythm   01:26
  4. Keharva - Veen Vaja   03:20
  5. Dauru Grooves   02:40
  6. Keharva – Dhol   02:48
  7. Dhamaal and Jhummer   02:26
  8. Sammi, Luddi and Bhangra   02:26

   The base upon which all Punjabi music is built is the rhythms that are so characteristic of this region. These rhythms are responsible for creating emotion, infusing energy and aiding hypnotic spiritual states. The instruments that are responsible for the creation of these rhythms are percussive and range from the dhol, dholak, dauru, dhad etc to bells and tambourines, and even metal pots. This album is a compilation of percussive instrumentals from across Punjab.