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De Kulture Music 2008

CD - 55 zł   Dodaj do koszyka

  1. Shekhawati Groove   5:24
  2. A folk tune of Marwar   2:52
  3. Rajasthan's bagpipe   3:10
  4. Melody of the Thar Desert   3:36
  5. Music of the Northern Rajasthan   3:08
  6. Shasvhi Raag   5:42
  7. Bhairavi Raag   4:34
  8. A Great Saint 'Pabuji'   4:10
  9. A shepherd's tune   2:12

   The various sounds that flow over the landscape of Rajasthan are combined together in this album to show the distinctive instruments and melody of this culturally rich place. The desert landscape with its distinguishing sand dunes, vast open lands and the peculiar culture that has developed in the region together combine to create a distinct music which has survived the onslaught of time. This album comprises of the recordings of traditional instruments like the Algoza, Chang, Flute, Kamaycha, Rawanhatta, Satara, Sarangi and Mashak along with several others.