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De Kulture Music 2008

CD - 55 zł   Dodaj do koszyka

  1. Aapan Chakri Mein Jhulalan   4:10
  2. Chirmi   3:14
  3. Pallo Latke   3:50
  4. Deorani   5:42
  5. Diggipuri Ka Raja   3:06
  6. Lehariyo   5:34
  7. Kalyo Kud Padyo Mela Mein   2:05
  8. Bana Re Bagan Mein   4:56

   Taking on a whole new form and style the Brass Band style of music that was brought to India with the advent of the colonial rule has come to become an integral part of India. Originally created by the British for the armed forces, the Brass Band style has imbibed the localized cultures of the regions of Rajasthan. The bands that dot the landscape of Rajasthan have started incorporating this style to accompany the traditional folk songs as well as the classical music. This album comprises of the most exquisite music of the indigenous Brass Bands who put to rhythm an array of traditional folk tunes that are almost a century old.