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De Kulture Music 2008

CD - 55 zł   Dodaj do koszyka

  1. Bana Re Mharo   5:34
  2. Balam Ji Mharo   8:24
  3. Ambawadi   5:22
  4. Aamli   5:06
  5. Kesariya Bana   4:28
  6. Neru   4:58
  7. Bani Tharo Dundhaliyo 5:40
  8. Lehariyo   3:56

   The aspect of glorifying the aspects of love has been an indelible and intrinsic part of the culture of Rajasthan. Several songs have been composed about the loss of separation, the joy of unison and the magnificence of famed lovers from history in Rajasthan. Sung during social festivities, marriages and for personal pleasure, the songs of love have been elemental in shaping the distinct traditions of Rajasthan. This album comprises the varied assortment of love songs that are sung through out the regions of Rajasthan and its deserts.