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De Kulture Music 2007

CD nakład wyczerpany

  1. Bheel - Jaisal peer   6:15
  2. Vagad Bhajan - Pachim dhara na peer   5:04
  3. Ravanhattho - Paap Tharo   4:42
  4. Meghwal Kaafi - Aaj meetha ta   6:03
  5. Kaafi - Vitchidi   2:39
  6. Arfana Kaafi - Bas karo   6:30
  7. Bheth - Umer Marvi   9:36
  8. Waai - Alha ji aash kare   5:43
  9. Maulood - Thayaa sokh sundhal   4:08
  10. Lok Geet - Mathe ta ruati   3:02

   Located on the westernmost tip of India, Kutch is inhabited by communities who trace their origins from Sindh, Pakistan, mainland India, Persia, Africa, Central Asia and Europe. These communities from diverse origins have come together to create a rich musical heritage. The Album contains tracks from different genres of traditional folk music which is largely still largely performed by the community as a passion than profession. The artists who have performed in this album are engaged in an array of professions like cattle hading, farming, black smithy, truck driving, daily wage labor, manufacturing of handicrafts, auto rickshaw driving, etc. as a means of fuelling their sustenance.